Blow All Your Troubles Away

Do you have debts? The kind of debts that keep you up at night?  What about credit card companies and collectors? Do they harass you day in and day out?  What about medical bills? Are you about to loose your home, your car, or even your sanity - and all because this tough economy has hit you like it has hit everyone else?
The Federal Government does not want you to suffer this way.  That is why they set up a program to help you get rid of your debt without any tax consequences.  With this program, you can take each one of those debts that cause you trouble, and you can blow them all away!  It is called Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and it is here to help you.
You may be worried about whether or not this is right for you, whether it will ruin your credit, or even how to go about it. That is why we invite you to come in to our offices for a FREE CONSULTATION, where we can answer your questions, and help you make the right choice.  We can explain the costs and benefits to bankruptcy, and help you evaluate the best choice.  We are conveniently located in Red Bluff, California, and we provide service to people in and about Tehama County, Butte County, Glenn County, and Colusa County so you do not have to go far to get great advice.  That means, if you live in Corning, Los Molinos, Cottonwood, Chico, Oroville, Orland, Willows, Williams, or otherwise in the northstate, then we can help you wiht professional services.
Call us to make an appointment today – or just stop on by - and we will hold your hand while you get through this tough economy.  We understand what you are going through, and we will be there to help you. NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY! we can counsel you through this difficult decision on your time; we are even open nights and weekends! But, if you know you are ready to file, then please visit our Prepare page to know what to bring with you.

While you're here, why don't you check out our blog on Bankruptcy issues.  You can consider it our FAQ page, because it is a discussion of many common questions we have seen.  It will give you some food for thought on whether Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is right for you.